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Kommunikation mit Köpfchen.
Werbetexte englisch Uebersetzungen Netzwerk Interkulturelle Seminare
Werbetexte Englisch Uebersetzungen Netzwerk Interkulturelle Seminare
Mediocrity is not our thing.
We’re up there for the big shots and we’ll give our best shot to you!
We know what you’re thinking: These young ladies are talking big.
If you have a few minutes, we’d like to clarify ourselves.

We love language.
We are virtuosos of language. We all studied the English and German language, specialising in corporate communications. We graduated with honours. But that is of minor importance. What really counts is that we live the language. English became second nature to us while living in the UK and the USA. Working behind a busy bar is a fantastic way to learn a language inside out.

We started our careers as freelancers, and we have never regretted this step. We know how to work hard, efficiently and in an off-beat way. At last we have the opportunity to turn our profound knowledge in international communications into German and English texts that really sizzle. Our success is based on a simple but unique philosophy: We don’t translate. We create. Our texts are truly original and pack a punch with your international customers.

Together with a compatible network of German and English native speakers, we create texts for print adverts, brochures, mailings, websites, catalogues and press releases that really stand out. As professional word-jugglers and brain-acrobats, we have a lot of fun writing copy that outshines the rest with its brilliance and expressiveness.

We’d like to merge our specialist knowledge with our creative potential in order to break new grounds for you. Let’s put our heads together